Prisoners of War (powgamers) run to arma 3 servers which are named the EazyAZ servers

Arma 3 Altis

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EazyAZ PvE Altis|150K Tabs|50k Rep|AI Guards|Custom|Roaming AI|Vector|And More

Arma 3 Tanoa

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EazyAZ PvE Tanoa|300K Tabs|50k Rep|AI Guards|Custom|Roaming AI|Vector

powgamers Discord

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powgamers discord channel

Why powgamers

Prisoners of War (powgamers), We’re been running since the early 1990s.
We are based on loyalty, Co-Operation, and respect.
Our clan is an international clan with people from all corners around the Globe.
We are very open minded with what we say, but very conscious of peoples background and origins.
Family, schooling and work commitments have been and always will be, a big part of gaming first.
We operate in many of the huge First Persons, 3rd Person and M Morpg Titles.

You need to be at least 18 years old.
You would need Origin, Steam or Uplay.
You also need Discord or Teamspeak 3 plus a working Mic.
Discord is our main program that we communicate with,
also for you to have a good sense of humour
as we will not tolerate crap from anyone.



powgamers play alot of the new games out there not to mention the good old classics. So have you got what it takes to become a good player or just a chilled out player.


Game titles

Arma Series, Battlefield Series, Call Of Duty Series and Zombies, Farcry Series, Half-life Series, Tom Clancy Series, Conan Of Exile, DayZ Standalone, Destiny 2, Dyinglight


More.. game titles

Escape From Tarkov, Fallout 76, Medal Of Honor, Mist Survival, Next-Day, Scum, The Forest, Will To Live, 7 Days To Die, with plenty more just to name a few!!!

The Team

The team at powgamers have been around for a very longtime, some of the team have been here since the early 1990's when powgamers was created.

powgamers, rgscriven

Boss, Co-founder, CEO, Web designer


Boss, Founder


Head Asshole

Gremlin aka (Zam)

Head Admin

Game Sponsors

Contact Us

To contact powgamers for game server support you can either email or use discord and send a pm to one of the admins running that server.