All donation boxes are for the server you are currently playing on

Large Donation.png $ 15 For wood donation crate

What you get in this wood crate

Item Amount
Exile_Item_WorkBenchKit X 4
Exile_Item_WoodDrawBridge X 4
Exile_Item_WoodDoorKit X 5
Exile_Item_WoodDoorwayKit X 15
Exile_Item_WoodFloorKit X 80
Exile_Item_WoodFloorPortKit X 7
Exile_Item_WoodGateKit X 8
Exile_Item_WoodLadderHatchKit X 7
Exile_Item_WoodStairsKit X 8
Exile_Item_WoodSupportKit X 35
Exile_Item_WoodWallHalfKit X 70
Exile_Item_WoodWallKit X 90
Exile_Item_WoodWindowKit X 30
Exile_Item_FortificationUpgrade X 70
Exile_Item_OldChestKit X 10
Exile_Item_SafeKit X 15
Exile_Item_CodeLock X 10
Exile_Item_CookingPot X 1
Exile_Item_Flag X 1
Exile_Item_CanOpener X 2
Exile_Item_Energydrink X 20
Exile_Item_GloriousKnakworst_Cooked X 20
Exile_Item_Matches X 4
Exile_Item_CampFireKit X 4
Land_FuelStation_Feed_F_Kit X 2

And A Choice Of 1 Vehicle
This Does Not Include Artillery Vehicles.

You can only have what vehicles that are in the shop at the time of donation.

All Process Go Towards Funding And Maintenance On The Servers

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