Terms & Conditions

Our Rules

Discord Rules

  • Please Read The Discord Rules Before Joining
  • Soundboarding is prohibited without the consent of all users in the channel, the only exception to this rule is the designated music bots in their respective channel.
  • Voice changers are prohibited without the consent of all users in the channel.
  • Have some common sense and think before you act.
  • Content that has excessive nudity, racism or gore is prohibited.
  • Advertising is prohibited.
  • Respect the words and instructions of staff members.
  • Intentionally disrupt the enjoyment of this website for a majority of other members.
  • These are Push To Talk channels NOT Voice Activation Detection.

Game Server Rules Arma 3

  • Players/admins are not permitted to show racism, profanity and disrespect towards any other player/admin in this server.
  • No voice transmission over side chat. adjust your control settings to prevent doing it by accident.
  • No base raiding.
  • Missions, if you do a mission mark it on the map and call it!!!!!!inside channel with your name, not me or claim
  • Artillery, if you own one, please use it at your own mission, unless someone asks you for it to be used at there mission....
  • After you finish your mission, can you please remove your marker, incase another mission spawns
  • 1 base per player only, 5 vehicles outside your base at anyone time!!!!! max vehicles per base is 20 in the virtual garage
  • No sky bases period, if you are not sure ask an admin
  • No base building in high loot spawn areas, military barracks, major roads, or your base may get deleted.
  • No leaving vehicles at any trader before restart, as they may get deleted or sold
  • No leaving vehicles except for planes at any airport !!!!!!!! make sure not to leave your planes inside the zone area or it may get deleted or sold
  • All vehicles are to be left at your base, any vehicles found all over the map will be deleted....you have been warned, as we do random vehicle cleanups
  • Rule are here for your protection....use them, and we wont have an issue
  • If you are not sure where to build a base, ask an admin, can't be that hard can it......or simply jump into our discord.

Website Rules

This is a gaming website, and it must be used in coordination with this, powgamers and staff are not responsible for content placed on this website by ordinary members: no liability is accepted for the possible results of this content, and no warranty is provided for it.

You must not:
  • post any sexually suggestive content
  • post any obscene content or use obscene language (including language designed to avoid the word filter)
  • post any discriminatory content
  • post any dangerous content
  • use the website as a forum for controversial topics, such as debates
  • post off-topic or irrelevant material, or post any material multiple times without good reason from the point of view of the staff
  • incite (directly or indirectly) any illegal activity (be it covered by criminal or civil law)
  • post any copyrighted material for which you have no right to do so
  • post information relating to, related to, or links directing to, any company in direct or near-direct competition with our own
  • use this website to advertise
  • pose as, or wilfully act as, a member of staff
  • attempt to hack into this website
  • use the features of this website to subvert the company or staff

External content

Advertisements are not under the complete control of this site and we do not take full responsibility for their content.
Linked sites are outside the control of us and we disclaim any responsibility for their content.

Our rights

We reserve the rights to:
  • remove or change posted content as we feel appropriate, with no warnings, explanation or mention.
  • monitor the usage of this site, including all content, whether publicly viewable or not
  • change these rules at any time, without warning
  • ban any member without explanation if any of these rules are deemed as broken by the staff